Global, Full Service CRO

Source: Biorasi

Biorasi builds partnerships with our sponsors. Your challenge is our challenge. We identify with your unique needs and leverage our systems, methodologies, and processes to design optimal solutions specifically for your trial.

Biorasi provides solutions that aren’t just valid today – they are built to move sponsor trials forward no matter what the future issues may be. We prepare for what comes next, whether it be regulation, technology, trial design, challenges, or complexities. We anticipate the roadblocks and can promise that we will move your trials forward over any obstacle through our partnership. Biorasi has architected a set of systems, methodologies, and processes that allow us to be attentive, responsive, and results-oriented that outperform CRO Industry Standards.

Take Control of your Trial

Our solutions offer flexibility, with a laser-focused approach to study design and implementation on our technology platform, TALOS™. TALOS™ Technology allows you to monitor the progress of your trial, offering unparalleled transparency of the trial status. TALOS business intelligence provides the predictive insight and options to accelerate your trial to market.

Our Global Reach

We manage trials across the world, with offices in most major regulatory jurisdictions. Our geographic distribution has given us experience across a wide range of regulatory environments and global cultures. Biorasi leverages our local knowledge to better predict the challenges and make informed decisions to continue accelerating trial completion and regulatory approval.