goBalto Analyze: Leveraging business intelligence

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goBalto Analyze

If you use goBalto Activate for study startup, you have a wealth of data for sites, study countries, and study document and submission activities that you can use in reports and analytics.

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With goBalto Analyze, you have even more tools at your disposal to help determine status and proactively identify and resolve bottlenecks. Analyze is a best-in-class tool that enables team members and partners to interact with the data, run ad-hoc reports, and create data visualizations across multiple trials as part of your monitoring strategy.

You can identify risk areas at a high level and then drill down into the details, because you have a wealth of actionable data at your fingertips including:

  • document and submissions status
  • milestone status
  • task duration
  • phase
  • indication
  • country
  • site
  • team member

customize the data your way

To quickstart your reporting experience we provide two standard reports that you can easily customize to display just the data you want using a variety of visualizations, such as bar and line charts:

  • Cycle time report shows how much time each party spends completing activities.
  • Document use by country helps you readily see the use and status of documents in multiple countries.

share with your team and partners

In seconds you can share your standard or custom reports with your team members and partners. Just click Share and provide an email address to authorize a team member or partner to see a dashboard of one or more reports.

grow your custom report library

Reports you customize can easily be reused to publish updates. There's no limit to the number of reports you can create and share.

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