Case Study

Harvard Clinical Research Institute (HCRI) Realizes Clinical Trials Efficiencies And Savings

Source: Bioclinica

Having grown to a premier research organization with 400 clinical trials to its credit, HCRI’s clinical trial management needs had surpassed the conventional processes it had been using to manage and monitor information and documents related to its clinical studies. The Institute’s 140 users relied on Excel spreadsheets and other manual processes that proved labor-intensive, inefficient, and a barrier to team communication.

To remedy the situation, HCRI sought a clinical trial management system (CTMS) – one that would establish a consistent process across all studies, while improving efficiencies, team communication, and collaboration. The Institute preferred a CTMS with real-time data collection and reporting capability and hoped to accomplish its goals without increasing overhead costs, and without burdening users to learn and adopt new technology.