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11.23.22 -- Help Your Sites Manage Training & Education On DCTs


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Decentralized Trials
How Can You Help Sites Manage Training And Education On DCT Technologies?

Chief editor Ed Miseta recently spoke to three site experts about the pain points of DCTs, including costs, budgeting, training, support, staffing, resources, and more. In this video, Jimmy Bechtel of SCRS, Karri Venn of Centricity Research, and Brad Hightower of Hightower Clinical discuss the training challenges that arise at sites from the implementation of new DCT technologies.

Understanding Options In Direct-To-Patient Clinical Supply

Direct-to-patient clinical supply enables clinical trial participants to receive their treatments in the convenience and comfort of their own home and reduces, or even eliminates, the need to travel to a clinical site.

Optimizing The Decentralization Of Clinical Trials

Decentralizing aspects of the clinical trial is a natural evolution, with the caveat being that the COVID-19 pandemic helped accelerate that evolutionary process by several years. But learn why decentralization is not necessary for all types of research.

Decentralized Clinical Trials: A Win For Patients, Sponsors, And Investigators

Learn how the integral role of direct-to-patient services plays a part in the execution of decentralized trials and how sponsors can maximize these benefits to improve drug development.

How To Implement Successful Remote Studies

The emphasis on decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) has been growing for some time, but how can we execute these types of trials for more successful outcomes that provide better data, faster? Read this e-book to learn more.

Start With ‘Why’ When Adopting New Tech To Support Hybrid DCTs

In this article, focus on the adoption of new clinical trial technology and explore how sponsors can support sites as they select and implement technologies.

Unpacking IRB Innovations For Decentralized Clinical Trials

This blog highlights how IRBs can simplify review of electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) and electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) materials to streamline study start-up without impacting the review quality.

Decentralized Trials For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Working closely with a global biotechnology company on a mission to engineer precision genetic medicine for rare diseases, MRN has delivered more than 180 home visits per month to keep trials running across a vulnerable pediatric population during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar: The Future Of Clinical Data Management Part 3 — The Evolution Of Data Capture And Its Impact On Clinical Data Management

Join Part 3 of our webinar series to learn how the evolution of data collection innovation is impacting clinical data management. You’ll discover new skills, techniques, and technologies that are required to review, clean, lock, and transform data for analysis and submission. Click here to learn more.

Trial Management
Beyond Nuclear Genetics: Let’s Think Differently About CNS Disease Targets

Nuclear genes with mutations remain the primary focus for selecting biological drug targets, but we have yet to see a drug come to market from a genetically validated target that can arrest or reverse diseases such as Parkinson’s. We need to expand our research to explore the essential drivers, genetic or otherwise, that switch our cells from order to disorder or from function to dysfunction.

Designing And Operationalizing Rare Disease Natural History Studies

Explore seven tips on designing and operationalizing natural history studies to support successful rare disease therapeutic development.

DXA For Bone Mineral Density Testing: A Safety Measure For Your Trial

DXA remains the gold standard test for bone mineral density assessments. Hear more about how DXA scans work, who should get one, and their use in trials.

Patient Reimbursement Removes Financial Toxicity From Oncology Trials

In this webinar, learn what sites, CROs, and patient advocacy groups are doing to make clinical trials accessible to more patients.

A Smart Solution To Clinical Supply Management

Discover a supply management solution that ensures efficient delivery of clinical trial materials worldwide, while navigating the challenges of more complex study designs and the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Selecting A Study-Specific Protocol Training Strategy

When it comes to clinical protocol training, read why research sites and sponsors need to determine what their ultimate goals are to correctly identify the best training tools for the job.

Are We Ready For A Unified Clinical Platform?

Industry experts from Eli Lilly and Cognizant share their perspectives on the process and building blocks of end-to-end clinical development, the essential elements of a unified clinical platform, and the benefits and challenges involved in realizing the vision of a unified clinical platform.

Flexibility And Speed In Early-Phase Clinical Trials

Explore how simple language adjustments to clinical trial protocol, intelligent use of decentralized services, and real-time data visibility via intuitive technology can reduce project timelines by weeks or even months.

Nephrology Patient Safety Starts In The Clinical Trial Setting

Is the clinical trial setting the best environment to ensure a patient’s safety? Dr. Jamie P. Dwyer discusses how nephrology clinical trials identify future patient risk factors for medication and treatment in the real-world setting.

Driving Fundamentals: Ensuring An Efficient Clinical Research Process

Gain insight into drawing constant parallels to clinical research teams and how easy it is for anyone executing the same processes every day to take the fundamentals for granted.

Contract Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Services
According to recent market surveys the global blister packaging market reached a value of $22.7 billion (U.S.) in 2021. Looking forward, the market is set to reach $32.2 billion (U.S.) by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.8% during 2022-2027.
Cell And Gene Therapy Services

Learn how LabConnect is transforming central lab services and mastering every aspect of sample tracking, complex testing, logistics, and data management.