Newsletter | November 30, 2022

11.30.22 -- How Complete Is Your DCT Tool Kit?

Making Clinical Research Better For Patients With Patient Centricity By Design

There is still no universally accepted definition of a patient-centric trial, and no standardized way to determine whether a protocol design is optimal for patients. Read this white paper to discover why many sponsors struggle to design and conduct studies that accommodate the perspectives and preferences of patients and caregivers.

Five Quick Tips To Accelerate Your Study Build

Accelerating study build times became an imperative during COVID-19. Delivering faster study builds has since propelled the adoption of new technologies, processes, and resources. This e-book outlines five specific tips that can be applied to accelerate and optimize your study builds today and into the future.

Site Perspectives On Decentralized Clinical Trials

As a patient, who owns your clinical trial data? Patient participation is the foundation of clinical trial research. But in today’s world, patient access to data is limited and siloed. How do researchers ensure patient data return is the standard operating procedure and information is shared with trial participants? Learn the answer in this white paper.

Give Me My Data: How Patient Access Builds Trust In Clinical Trials

In this podcast, Craig Lipset, founder of Clinical Innovation Partners, sits down with Kelly McKee and Alicia Staley of Medidata to discuss the challenges of data return and how to improve patient access and clinical trial data transparency.

Medidata Decentralized Clinical Trials Program

Watch this brief video to see how the industry’s only scalable end-to-end offering for decentralized clinical trials can connect trial experiences for patients, sites, and sponsors.

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