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07.31.19 -- How Precision Medicine Impacts Patient-Centricity In Clinical Trials

Focus On Patients
How Precision Medicine Impacts Patient-Centricity In Clinical Trials
By John Whyte, M.D., WebMD, and James Gillespie, Ph.D., Saint Mary’s College

This is the first part of a two-part article that examines the implications the transition to value-based, patient-centric, precision medicine has for drug discovery, development, and deployment, particularly for clinical trials.

Patient Voice: Determining Fair Market Value For Patient Insights Work
By Roslyn Schneider, RozMD Patient Affairs Consulting

Clinical research has long been considered by most life sciences professionals to be a way to serve patients — developing novel solutions to address unmet needs. Nevertheless, these professionals have also believed a perceived firewall prevented them from directly engaging with patients, given the highly regulated environment and the attempt to homogenize control groups for the sake of research integrity. Therefore, clinical research professionals most often turned to healthcare professionals to critically assess the complex prioritization and planning of clinical research and to act as surrogates for the patient perspective.

Industry Insights
Five Things To Know When it Comes To iRECIST
Article | By Luke Gill, Premier Research

Here are five things you should know about iRECIST as the standard shapes up as an important tool in assessing solid tumors.

Molasses In Study Start-Up Efficiencies
Article | By Craig Morgan, Oracle Health Sciences

Overview of a recent study conducted to try to determine why there is so much variation and why there are so many inefficiencies and delays in study start-up.

Evolving With Our Clinical Users: Part 1
Article | TransPerfect

Like any relationship, the theme to a long and healthy one always boils down to communication. In this two-part series, we’ll explore investments in communication that help Trial Interactive keep up with our users.

Sponsor Revamps Clinical Trials Website, Sees 13 Percent Conversion Rate
Case Study | TrialScope

A Top 20 sponsor, eager to be more patient-centric, decided to build a new, dedicated clinical trials website. The site is mobile friendly, has a robust search function, and uses simple navigation and language. Site metrics reflect increased traffic, engagement, and conversion.

SENA Incorporates Participant Payment Automation To Improve Clinical Trial Operations
Case Study | Greenphire

Southeastern Nephrology Associates (SENA) have been providing high-quality nephrology, kidney dialysis, kidney transplant, and hypertension care for patients since 1975.

Virtual Study Designs
Webinar | United BioSource LLC (UBC)

Virtual study designs are transforming the way biopharmaceutical businesses conduct research. Tactics that decentralize the approach to clinical and observational research are ushering in a new paradigm of efficient data collection and patient-centric engagement.


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