Newsletter | October 18, 2019

10.18.19 -- How Should Biotechs Approach Partnering?

Partnering Solutions For Emerging Biopharma: Alternative Outsourcing Strategies

In an increasingly complex drug development and healthcare environment it is extremely important for companies to be able to demonstrate value, even if their intention is to be acquired or to out-license their asset following proof-of-concept. Learn more about partnering solutions available to small and emerging biotech companies.

Commercialization Accelerator For Emerging Companies

For any life sciences company bringing its first product to market the “commercialization to-do list” is long and punctuated by one critical strategic decision after another. This guide explores lessons learned from industry leaders facing the challenges of building commercial operations capabilities and how they avoid pitfalls.

Capturing The Attention Of Investors: Create A Compelling Value Story

While demonstrating the value of a product is important for any organization, the pressure is more acute for small and emerging biotech companies. It’s critical to convey to investors that your drug candidate has the potential to meet the unmet needs of patients today and tomorrow. Explore three key components to creating a compelling value story.

Emerging Pharmaco’s Dilemma: Make A Deal ... Or Not?

Take a closer look at funding strategies for companies launching products for the first time. Does partnering or "going it alone" make more sense for emerging companies? Read the findings of a 2006 to 2015 analysis, including implications for research companies, their potential large pharma commercialization partners, and venture capitalists.