Newsletter | November 22, 2022

11.22.22 -- How To Implement An EMDS For Virtual & Early Stage Pharma


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Clinical Trial Technology
Best Practices For EDMS Implementation For Virtual And Early-Stage Pharmaceuticals

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the clinical trials industry has rapidly adopted electronic documentation management systems (EDMS). However, for virtual and early-stage pharmaceuticals, an EDMS can pose several challenges. This article highlights the key factors that you should consider when evaluating the adoption of an EDMS to avoid the most common pitfalls.

How EDCs Are Changing The Game In Clinical Research

Explore all things EDC in this article: what it is, how researchers can use it in clinical trials, its numerous benefits, and examples of how these translate into the real world.

The Clinical Development Digitization Guide: Strategies To Drive Success

This clinical development digitization guide includes strategies to overcome digital transformation challenges and accelerate innovation in clinical development.

Don’t Let Staffing Shortages Slow Down Your Clinical Trial Conduct

Prevent trial delays by empowering your CRAs to monitor more sites per week, to focus on strategic activities, and to work with a wide range of sites. Florence’s SiteLink™ creates a digital link between CRAs and sites that enables remote monitoring and document sharing.

How And Why We Decided To Bring “Pathways” To Market

At Medable, we’re always looking to understand the changing environment of clinical research and how we can help clients overcome the various challenges, risks, and scenarios that these changes bring.

Improve Trials With Connected Data And Research-Grade Insights

Datavant Trials is the industry’s leading end-to-end privacy-preserving tokenization and high-accuracy matching technology.