Newsletter | November 14, 2022

11.14.22 -- How To Implement Patient-Focused COAs


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Clinical Sites
How To Implement Patient-Focused COAs

Drug developers often talk about “patient centricity,” but most find it challenging to prioritize a patient-centric research approach in the earlier phases of drug development. A good place to start is by collectively measuring what matters most to patients — and COAs help get us there.

Site-Relationship Strategy: Ensuring Quality Data And Study Performance

Discover how effective site monitors drive open communication, information sharing, and a mutual understanding of the other party’s challenges conducive to fruitful site relationships.

Specialized Scientific Support Streamlines Clinical Trials

Achieving appropriate scientific oversight and thorough, efficient sample management throughout studies are challenges that many pharma and biotech companies encounter. In this Q&A, explore a highly specialized outsourcing model that addresses these challenges.

Patient Centricity
Tips To Overcome The 4 Major Barriers To Patient Diversity

As companies look for ways to increase diversity in their patient populations, I am reminded of a presentation I attended at the 2016 SCRS Global Solutions Summit. Ola Akinboboye, a cardiologist, gave one of the best presentations I have heard on how to increase the participation of African Americans and other minorities in clinical research.

Patient Centricity By Design: Building And Operationalizing Clinical Trials

Watch this webinar to hear from experts about strategies for developing patient-centric trial designs, methods for alleviating participant burden throughout a trial, and practical guidance on operationalizing your study for patient centricity.

Veeva Digital Trials Platform: A Foundation For Patient-Centric Trials

Learn how the Veeva Digital Trials Platform advances clinical trial execution by providing a complete and connected technology ecosystem.

Patient Recruitment
Is The Stress Level At Clinical Sites Going Through The Roof?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March 2020, many drug developers were caught by surprise. With clinics overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, and the reluctance of some patients to venture out to those clinics, many trials faced the prospect of being delayed or canceled. Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and hybrid trials, which can take studies from the clinics to the patients, seemed to be the solution to keep things on track.

5 Common Clinical Supply Chain Speedbumps

Clinical trials can be very complex. Discover the need to connect planning and oversight from sourcing to shipping, along with mastering requirements such as cold chains, border slowdowns, and data privacy.

Building Empathetic Clinical Trial Recruitment Programs

Effective and efficient clinical trial recruitment remains a fundamental challenge for ultimate study success. Possible solutions with the most potential to finally crack the code on improving study recruitment lie in the simple need to consider and care about the experiences of those involved.

The State Of Black Participation In Clinical Trials

Although the need to design trials that enroll more demographically diverse patients is widely recognized, learn why implementing effective, sustainable, and scalable enrollment diversity strategies remains a challenge for biopharmaceutical companies.

Your Oncology CRO Dilemma Solved

OCT Oncology is your go-to solution from a leading Eastern European CRO to ensure timely enrollment and study success.