Newsletter | September 10, 2020

09.10.20 -- How To Make Your Clinical Trial More Resilient During A Pandemic

The True Problem Of COVID-19 Misinformation: How The Spread Of Inaccurate Information Harms Our Progress Toward New Therapies

The problem of the spread of scientific misinformation is very real. We’ve probably all seen stories on social media about COVID-19, or anonymous testimonies from alleged healthcare providers, some of which seem obviously untrue. This webinar considers how misinformation about clinical trials, treatments, and vaccines can impact research progress.

Now Is The Time: Making Your Clinical Trial More Resilient
In this podcast, industry experts discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in companies having to pivot to more virtual experiences. The result of these virtual experiences, while at first overwhelming and uncertain, has actually led to many efficiencies and progress. Learn how to make your clinical trial program more resilient by utilizing virtual experiences within your organization and during collaboration opportunities.
Data And Biorepository Management During A Pandemic

Institutions play an integral role in translating “bench” research into practical applications that advance human health. To do this, researchers need a strong research infrastructure to function as an “engine” that can accelerate discoveries. Over the recent months since COVID-19 hit, we’ve gleaned some insights and best practices in working with institutions.

New Normal Or Not, Safety Reporting Matters

Even during normal times, the usual approach to safety reporting places a heavy burden on sites. As a result, sites become overwhelmed and miss critical patient safety information, which becomes lost in a mountain of paperwork that includes unnecessary notices. This article outlines many ways sponsors and sites can align for a more streamlined and efficient safety letter distribution process.