Newsletter | November 19, 2020

11.19.20 -- How To Source Patient & Site Solutions In 2020


We’ve always been guided by the principle to help, first.


As the global economy was shutting down and all eyes turned toward our industry for vaccine and treatment options, we asked ourselves, “How can we help our readers?” Our Service & Solution Centers are one small way we are trying to help, making it easier to find and connect with the partners you need right now. Below, we showcase those who can help you with patient and site solutions.

eRegulatory (eISF) Software For Clinical Research Sites

Florence eBinders integrates all of your clinical trial systems, automates eRegulatory processes, reduces contract negotiation time, tracks study progress, and enables secure remote monitoring on the industry-standard eRegulatory, eISF, and eSource platform.

Best Practices For Participant Safety: Assessment, Documentation & Reporting Of Adverse Events

Identifying and monitoring adverse events (AEs) is critical to protecting research participants and ensuring the integrity of the research trial. This whitepaper examines key aspects in adverse event identification and monitoring, with a specific focus on IND studies, incorporating an unfolding case study after the expedited reporting information is shared.

IQVIA Investigator Site Portal

IQVIA Technologies’ Investigator Site Portal offers sponsors, CROs, and sites the ability to easily and efficiently manage trials from beginning to end. It enables users to communicate effortlessly with sites, design and execute goals, provide reporting, trial metrics, and much more.

Oncology Site Network

Investigative sites are the centerpiece of a successful clinical trial, but more often than not, sites are treated like a third spoke in a wheel. At Catalyst, we place a high value on the partnerships our sites and other study collaborators bring to ensure a successful clinical trial, resulting in new terapies for those battling cancer.

Ciox Real World Data - Providing Real-World Data To Elevate Research

Healthcare isn’t meeting its potential in using data to advance care. Health data is siloed, locked away, and a scattered mess once available. It stops us from innovating. Health decisions are forced to be made on partial data. We need data to be analysis ready and fit-for-purpose so researchers can improve care for patients. Ciox Real World Data uses its DataFit Platform™, which pairs its tuned machine intelligence with expert human insight to extract the signal from noise allowing the researcher to have a true picture of the patient.

Trial Results Summaries

TrialScope’s Trial Results Summaries ( provides an unbiased and nonpromotional portal for sponsors to share plain-language summaries (PLS) with participants and the public

Outfitting Your Sites With The Support They Need

Your sites are likely feeling pressure as they never have before due to COVID-19. Between mass staffing shortages, mounting financial constraints, and ever-increasing new study or trial registrations—the clinical research industry is experiencing a perfect storm. See how you can help your sites overcome this new reality.

Oracle Health Sciences Analyze Cloud Service

Analyze Cloud Service provides intelligence, presenting timely status updates across your studies and insights to streamline operational processes. Through visually rich analytics and dashboards, we help transition your team from a process that is reactive to one that is more proactive.