Newsletter | May 8, 2019

05.08.19 -- How To Spec, Purchase, And Implement The Right IRT System For Your Clinical Trial

Featured Editorial
How To Spec, Purchase, And Implement The Right IRT System For Your Clinical Trial
By Tom Schiavon

During a study startup phase, interactive response technology (IRT) system development can be difficult for clinical teams to navigate successfully, especially when team members have limited experience building or using the technology. Take a deeper dive into key considerations when selecting a vendor, strategies to implement during the IRT design phase, and best practices for utilizing the system throughout the life of your trial.

Industry Insights
Conquer Study Start-Up Delays With A Data-Driven Approach
Article | By Jill Johnston, WCG

Study start-up delays have perplexed the best minds in the clinical trials industry for decades. Discover how advanced analytics and an intense focus on the four problem areas can help.

MDR: A Landmark Regulation And What It Means For Clinical Research
Article | By Nick O’Brien, Medrio

We’re at the cusp of a new era for medical device research (MDR) regulations. What will be necessary to meet new MDR regulations? Data — and more of it than ever. Along with the aims of MDR comes a clinical trial data management complexity that might cause some growing pains for the medical device industry.

Applying Biomarker-Driven Strategies In Drug Development
Article | Cytel

Determining appropriate stratifications and relevant clinical endpoints for specific subpopulations can be challenging. Therefore, it is necessary for development strategies to incorporate explorations and determinations of suitable biomarkers early in the development of a new therapy.

Alternative Logistics Realizes Efficiencies For Clinical Studies In Asia Pacific Region
Case Study | Fisher Clinical Services

Our client, one of the top major pharmaceutical companies with research priorities aligned to significant global health needs — diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and mental health — had a high number of studies already in progress in the Asia Pacific region.

The Impact Of mHealth Technologies On Clinical Trial Spending
Infographic | ISR Reports

In Q32018 ISR asked 48 users of mHealth technologies whether they anticipate changes in their companies’ clinical trials expenditure due to incorporating mHealth technologies into clinical trials. The data shows that more than four-out-of-five respondents believe there will be an increase in spending in the coming 12 months.

Right-To-Try Or Right-To-Ask? Understanding Right-To-Try And FDA’s Expanded Access
Webinar | Rho

Right-to-try has been in the news a lot recently, but what does it actually mean for product sponsors? This webinar explores both right-to-try legislation and existing expanded access programs, including understanding sponsor responsibilities under these programs and when products may be eligible for these programs, evaluating options such as treatment protocols, treatment INDs, and emergency use, and discussing development risks associated with participation in these programs.


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