White Paper

How Your Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System Can Streamline Clinical Site Payments

Source: Medidata Solutions

Today, EDC systems are widely adopted by life science companies and well established as a critical technology for conducting clinical research, especially for large multi-site trials. While EDC systems are primarily a source of clinical data, robust systems generate a significant amount of operational data too. And when integrated with other clinical technologies, an EDC system is capable of surfacing and feeding these operational data into analytics or operational technologies to automate workflows and auto-populate data. Integrations are what turn your traditional EDC system from a place to capture clinical data into a core component of data analytics and trial operations. The keys to unlocking this value and streamlining clinical site payments are, first, to understand what EDC data can be used to automate the site payment process and, second, what type of integration layer is needed.

For most clinical researchers, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear “electronic data capture (EDC) system” is electronic case report forms (eCRFs) used to collect clinical and laboratory data entered by physicians, nurses and study coordinators directly at the medical setting or pulled in from another system. However, EDC contains more than clinical data; it is a rich source of operational data too. Robust EDC systems can also surface that operational data and use it to automate workflows and pre-populate data fields when integrated with other clinical technology.