Newsletter | November 20, 2023

11.20.23 -- Human-Centric Approaches In Digital Healthcare


Webinar: Practical Applications Of ICH E6(R3): What Do We Need To DO?

Join industry experts December 14th as they discuss the strategic, conceptual, and operational implications of the shift toward risk-based monitoring in the ICH E6(R3) draft guidelines, and what sponsors and vendor partners should already be doing to thrive in the future of clinical trial management. Click here to learn more.


Imaging For Neuromuscular Disorders In Clinical Trials

Gain insight into the importance of choosing the right imaging modality to measure endpoints in clinical trials of neuromuscular disorders, such as ALS, muscular dystrophy, and others.

Routes To Sponsor Of Choice: Shared Pipelines, Streamlined Payments

Paying clinical trial sites consistently on time provides stability and maintains positive relationships. Learn why being a sponsor of choice can mean the adoption of a singular clinical trial payments solution.

Study Start-Up Shouldn’t Slow Your Trials Down

Clinical teams are responsible for driving trial timelines during the study start-up phase of any study. Unearth how Florence SiteLink is able to create a digital link between teams and their sites.

Genomics Lab Offers Harmonized Testing Solutions, Research Support

Dive into the global capabilities of this genomics laboratory, from early discovery and biomarker development to late-phase trials and companion diagnostics.


Putting Patients First: Human-Centric Approaches In Digital Healthcare

Human-centric design should be the starting point for identifying the core issues that drive innovation, experimentation, and finding solutions to unlock the full potential of digital health. Amy West, head of U.S. digital transformation and innovation at Novo Nordisk, explains.

eCOA Questionnaire Designs To Improve Pediatric Experiences

Get the flexibility to customize questionnaire design with illustrations that are a better fit for population preferences, especially in young patient populations completing outcome assessments.


As Protocol Complexity Grows, AI Decreases Site Workload And Improves Patient Recruitment

Cedar Health Research CEO Todd Albin discusses ways in which AI-assisted technologies can improve upon traditional patient recruitment and enrollment strategies.

Involving The Patient In Clinical Trial Design

Recruiting patients for clinical trials can be tricky. Discover how teams can create more patient-centered clinical trials, which can ultimately benefit both patients and the research community.

Getting To The Heart Of Patient Retention

Patient retention has benefits beyond what’s reflected in a data set. Explore some of the ways clinical trial participation can have a transformative impact on patients and their families.


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