Newsletter | February 23, 2023

02.23.23 -- Identifying Solutions To Today's Complex Study Challenges

Identifying And Understanding Differentiators In CAR T-Cell Therapy

Cell therapy has moved beyond science fiction and into effective FDA-approved treatment for three key hematological cancers. Hematologist Dr. Robert S. Negrin takes a deeper dive into identifying and understanding the central differentiators in cell therapy clinical trials.

Seven Tips For Hiring And Retaining Top CRO Talent

Which steps are needed to hire the best and brightest at CROs? Get a better understanding of the challenges facing today’s recruiters and explore these seven tips for hiring and retaining top CRO talent.

Where Are The Patients? How Optimized Marketing Accelerates Clinical Trial Enrollment

What if you held a clinical trial and no one showed up? With clinical trial delays reaching up to $8M per day, trial stakeholders — from patients to clinical sites — need to be acutely aware of the study in order to make it a success. Discover how marketing plays a role in this success.

How Does Engineering Make Clinical Research More Accessible? Part 1: A Shift From Discovery To Reproducibility

How does engineering make clinical research more accessible? Biorasi's Few & Far Between podcast welcomes Jamie Heywood, biotech engineer and entrepreneur, to discuss how engineering can help the world live well and vibrantly.

How Does Engineering Make Clinical Research More Accessible? Part 2: Milestones On The Path To Innovation

How can engineering make the world a healthier place? Welcome back to part two of Biorasi's Few & Far Between podcast episode with Jamie Heywood. Join the discussion as we explore the path to innovation, including data tracking strategies and steps to securing project funding.

Biorasi Puts You On The Path To Successful Regulatory Approval

Every journey needs a guide. Let’s talk about an effective regulatory strategy for your next clinical trial.

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