Newsletter | November 8, 2019

11.08.19 -- Important Considerations When Sourcing Reference Products For Biosimilar Studies

Important Considerations When Sourcing Reference Products For Biosimilar Studies
In order to ensure a smooth development and clinical process, companies must carefully plan their activities with regard to the innovator biopharmaceutical. If research, development, and clinical strategies are planned under the assumption that the innovator drug will function like a commodity, the final product may not be executable; and attempting to change a plan mid-stream is a recipe for delays, harming the company’s ability to break into the market early.
How Leveraging An Asia-Pacific Network Can Create Regional Efficiencies In Clinical Supply Management

This webinar reviews the clinical packaging, logistics, and import/export considerations that should be taken into account when developing a clinical supply strategy in China, Singapore, and Japan. In addition, learn why there is no substitute for on-the ground local expertise.

Questions You Need To Ask About Clinical Supply
The ideal time to start thinking about your clinical supply needs is before your study protocol is finalized. Clear communication is critical regardless of whether your are working in partnership with a CRO or contracting directly with a clinical supply packager. Learn how to identify as many potential challenges as possible early on to help your project run smoothly.
Demand Led Services And Clinical Supply Efficiency

Demand led supply is designed to meet the needs of patients, clinical sites, clinical team and sponsors. The demand led model relies on smaller, bright stocks strategically placed at locations around the globe at regional GMP facilities. See how this service can benefit you with shorter lead time, less waste, less stock out risk and no booklet labels.