Newsletter | September 20, 2022

09.20.22 -- Improving Clinical Trial Design For Wider Engagement

Progress On Modern Approaches For Clinical Trial Design, Execution, And Wider Engagement

As the clinical research ecosystem continues to expand and include the perspectives of research partners, stakeholders, and patients and caregivers, learn why collaboration and connection is essential to future clinical trial success and next-generation medicine.

Applying Consumer Engagement Strategies To eClinical Technology

Regardless of a trial’s design or level of reliance on eClinical technologies, having underdeveloped, clunky virtual tools to support patient participation can create cost and time delays through attrition. Explore why optimizing these tools to maximize patient engagement is one of the primary ways clinical trial teams can improve patient adherence and retention.

Simple And Cost-Effective Ways To Engage Patients Using eCOA And IRT Systems

Today, patients are exposed to sophisticated technology, which presents a huge opportunity to incorporate patient engagement into clinical trials and elevate patient engagement efforts in ongoing clinical trials. Regardless of when a sponsor chooses to initiate patient engagement during clinical development, find out a few common elements that are important to consider.

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