Newsletter | July 13, 2011

7.13.11 -- Inaugural Edition Of The Clinical Leader Newsletter

Clinical Leader
Inaugural Edition Of The Clinical Leader Newsletter

It is with the feeling of a proud father seeing his child ride a bike without training wheels for the first time that I write this introduction to the Clinical Leader newsletter. All of us in the VertMarkets Life Science Connect family are excited about the launch of our clinical trials publication and the opportunity it creates for us to serve you and the industry.

We believe the role of a publication today is to enable you to quickly discover the information you need to be more successful, as well as provide you with a place to source new solutions and interact and learn with a community of like-minded individuals. Our goal -- provide guidance, analysis and the necessary tools to quickly find what you are looking for, thereby maximizing your productivity while minimizing the bumps and bruises, i.e. lost time and frustration, one often incurs when searching the web for clinically relevant information.

As the Chief Editor, of our sister publication Life Science Leader magazine, I will be pitching in as we get things up and running. So please, enjoy our first newsletter and be sure to visit  We'd love to hear your initial impressions. Feel free to email me with your thoughts and feedback. We have set the bicycle in motion. Together with your guidance, we can make Clinical Leader your vehicle of choice for research and information.

-Rob Wright

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Oracle Introduces Oracle Health Sciences Trial Center
Oracle recently unveiled Oracle Health Sciences Trial Center, an intelligent gateway application that delivers a unified view of actionable, real-time information across multiple trials, sites, and systems and provides direct access to relevant trial technologies. Read more.

Site Based ePRO
Electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) are collected when a patient visits a clinic for a healthcare or clinical trial appointment. This article discusses ePRO site-based assessments and the considerations for successfully collecting patient data at the site. Read more.

Schizophrenia Clinical Trial Solutions
A major pharmaceutical company contracted Covance to conduct a Phase II study of the safety and efficacy of a new product in combination with an atypical antipsychotic vs. an atypical antipsychotic alone in the treatment of schizophrenia. Read more.

Product Of The Week

Volunteer Database
Chiltern has an active and extensive database of suitable volunteers and recruits healthy and patient volunteers through General Practitioner (GP) networks, hospital liaisons, and tailored recruitment campaigns. Read more.

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