Webinar | June 19, 2019

Increase Your Safety Insight With And Signal Management Analytics

Source: Oracle Health Sciences

Safety decisions should be driven by data; the right aggregations combined with the right analytical tools can make all the difference for your benefit-risk assessments and compliance metrics. You need to be able to see issues in a way that's intuitive and quick, without having to write programming code. You need flexibility in both the queries and presentations. You need pixel-perfect PDFs as well as drill-down dashboards. You need out-of-the box content but also the ability to create ad hoc reports on the fly. Depending on the situation, you need to see the most current data or historical point-in-time information. But most of all, you need the data to be correct.

Watch this webcast to learn how Oracle Safety Cloud provides you with a unified, flexible, and powerful solution for:

  • Safety case management scientific analytics.
  • Safety case management operational analytics
  • Safety signal management scientific analytics
  • Safety signal management operational analytics

This webcast is for safety and PV staff including safety analysts, signal evaluators, operations managers, medical reviewers, data retrieval specialists, and workflow managers.