Newsletter | September 11, 2020

09.11.20 -- Learning Resource Edition: DIA NOW



DIA NOW is your comprehensive, personalized resource for the latest trends and up-to-the-minute updates on a wide variety of critical issues in the life sciences arena. Access recorded sessions from the more than 60 global meetings taking place around the world annually, and receive breaking news and analysis from DIA’s publishing group. Learn more about DIA NOW by visiting the links below.

DIA NOW Benefits Overview

This video explains the benefits of access to the recorded sessions of more than 60 global meetings per year as a member of DIA. 

DIA NOW Sample Video: FDARA Section 504

FDARA Section 504 eliminated the orphan exemption for pediatric studies for cancer drugs and instead empowers the FDA to require pediatric assessments of new therapies.

DIA NOW Sample Video: Patient Engagement Initiatives And Regulatory Approval

Patient engagement initiatives are shown to increase chances of regulatory approval and accelerate development timelines.

DIA NOW Quick Tour

This video gives a two-minute review of the global navigation, content organization, global search, and filtering options available on the DIA platform.

DIA NOW: Insights And Intelligence Instantly

Learn how DIA NOW provides a robust, constantly refreshed source of global trends and information.