Case Study

Leveraging Medrio's CloudEDC™ To Provide Large CRO-Style Service

Source: Medrio

Big Services from Smaller Companies
Unlike in the past, today’s small CROs specializing in distinct therapeutic areas are competing with their much larger counterparts. One reason for this change is the availability of CloudEDC™. Medrio’s innovative eClinical Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform offers fully-hosted Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and robust capabilities for a fraction of the cost of traditional EDC. Before Medrio, smaller CROs may not have had the time or budget to offer the full-service technology required for many clinical trials. Now, the playing field is bei ng leveled.

Experience the Medrio Difference
Medrio’s Skip Logic functionality is one example of a feature that allows Atlantic Research Group (ARG) to compete with large CROs by keeping study timelines and budgets in check.