Newsletter | November 21, 2019

11.21.19 -- Long-Term Follow-Up Studies Go Virtual

Long-Term Follow-Up Studies Go Virtual
Long-term follow-up studies can be expensive and time-consuming for investigators, sponsors, and patients. Learn how virtual models can improve patient retention in long-term follow-up studies, cutting the time, cost, and burden for patients and investigators.
Deploying Digital Technology In Virtual Trials: Three Keys To Success

As the life sciences world increasingly undergoes rapid digitization, sponsors are transforming their development processes to stay competitive. The next logical step is to conduct clinical studies virtually, delivering them directly to patients in the comfort of their own homes. From recruitment and informed consent to monitoring endpoints and outcomes, virtual trials technologies share three key characteristics.

Navigating The Global Virtual Trials Regulatory Landscape

Sponsors must be cognizant of the regulatory landscape — which countries or regulatory agencies support these trials, and which are still forming opinions — before launching a complex virtual research strategy involving participants in numerous countries. Learn how sponsors can steer through an evolving landscape, track local attitudes, and plan trials accordingly.

How Virtual Are You Willing To Go?

Virtual trials promise to disrupt the clinical research environment, allowing patients to participate in trials from their homes using wearables, telemedicine, and treatments shipped right to their doors. Here are three ways to adapt the virtual trial model to your unique research needs.

Digital Therapeutics And Virtual Trials: An Ideal Match
Digital therapeutics are showing the potential to be the next frontier for value-driven precision medicine. While there have only been a handful of digital therapeutics to receive clearance from regulators, this signals a profound shift in the way pharma is leveraging digital technology to drive value for patients while gaining market share. Virtual trial models are designed with the same goal in mind.