Newsletter | October 11, 2021

10.11.21 -- Make Your Complex Trials Simpler

How To Improve Data Quality For GI Trials

The complexity of gastroenterology (GI) studies has left sites overburdened, patients overwhelmed, and sponsors struggling to improve site and patient experiences. Download our white paper to see how a custom GI therapeutic library powered by the Lunexis eSource Ecosystem simplifies GI studies and helps both sponsors and sites improve outcome assessment quality and integrity and overcome significant GI trial challenges.

Data Capture For Decentralized And BYOD Trials

Decentralized trials, tele-visits, and bring your own device (BYOD) — at the end of the day, it’s all about enabling a complete, flexible, adaptable journey for sponsors, sites, and, especially, patients. What data collection methodology you choose has crucial implications for clinical research workflows, data quality, visibility, and timelines. How do you rapidly deploy an integrated, convenient data capture solution that provides anytime, anywhere access to clean study data, fast?

How To Reduce Site Workload For Better, Faster, Safer Clinical Trials

Many clinical trial sponsors are moving to electronic source data capture, or eSource, to execute high-quality clinical trials fast. Download this white paper to find out how the Lunexis eSource Ecosystem positively impacted the study workloads, efficiency, and data quality of more than 500 site users. See how Lunexis informs decision-making and ultimately transforms clinical trials.