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05.30.12 -- Managing The Clinical Research Enterprise

Clinical Leader
Managing The Clinical Research Enterprise
By Forte Research Systems, Inc.
Clinical and translational research institutes and cancer centers confront challenges that are distinct from those of pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations. These centers contend with hundreds of trials at once in an environment where there are many other, often competing, concerns ranging from limited resources to meeting ever-changing regulatory requirements. Organizationally, some activities are conducted by a centralized clinical trials office while others are performed throughout diverse groups or departments.
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Same Day Lab Test Results For Clinical Trials

Same Day Lab Test Results For Clinical Trials

Over the last decade, there has been an increase in the use of point of care diagnostic tools in pharmaceutical clinical trials at investigator sites. Blinded Diagnostics has direct experience with the sourcing, protocol development, training, and application of these unique diagnostic tools. Learn more about the time- and cost-saving advantages of point of care here at Clinical Leader or at Visit us at Booth 1950 at DIA.

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Clinical LIMS: Delivering Lab-Centric Solutions For Patient-Centric Results
Clinical diagnostics labs require distinct Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) functionality in one cohesive system to meet the technical, integration, and business needs of the emerging fields of translational and personalized medicine. Read more.

How ePRO Improves Trial Efficiencies
Sponsors, trial managers, and health outcome directors continue to obtain greater degrees of data quality, program efficiency, and patient safety with ePRO. Studies show that in a typical clinical trial involving 250 to 300 patients over 3 months, using ePRO rather than paper to capture patient data can save as much as $150,000. Read more.

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Clinical Pharmacology
The introduction of a drug into the human body for the first time is an important milestone; largely because information elicited from human safety and early efficacy testing drives the "go/no-go" decisions for further development. Read more.
CMC Strategy And Management (Chemistry, Manufacturing, And Control)
Camargo’s early involvement in the drug development process saves our clients substantial time and money. From API and formulation sourcing to manufacturing, scale-up, and packaging, we provide Camargo clients with invaluable strategic guidance and management services. Read more.
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