Newsletter | June 21, 2022

06.21.22 -- Managing The Site Relationship Strategy

Site-Relationship Strategy: Ensuring Quality Data And Study Performance

Discover how effective site monitors drive the open communication, information-sharing, and mutual understanding of the other party’s challenges conducive to fruitful site relationships.

Leveraging Clinical Trial Data In Real Time To Effect Change And Mitigate Risk

Learn how clinical trial data gathering, contextualization, and analysis can all benefit from existing — but underutilized — technologies and resources.

Keys To Successful Risk Management In Clinical Trials

Explore how the keys to effective risk management require recognition of variables unique to each clinical trial while embracing consistent documentation practices, stakeholder responsibility, and best practices informed by experience.

Site Management And Clinical Monitoring

Gain insight into how inSeption Group’s regional site managers (RSMs) are recapturing the importance of building relationships with clinical sites and acting as a “one stop shop” for all activities related to clinical study sites.

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