Download | January 10, 2019

This market research report takes a deep look at not only CRA salaries, but also signing bonuses, retention bonuses, raises, and turnover with the aim of benchmarking some industry trends. Data was collected from 227 CRAs from various organizations and countries around the world. You can purchase a single-user license for individual use, a site-wide license giving access to the report for all employees within a single site/office location, or an enterprise-wide license giving access to all employees within your organization. You can also download a free preview file below.

What you will learn:

  • Education and experience levels held by CRAs, including breakdowns by various organization types
  • Salary and benefits variations based on experience and geographical location of CRAs
  • Analysis of the CRA work environment in terms of how respondents’ time and work is divided
  • CRA perspectives on Risk-Based Monitoring
  • Necessary requirements for CRAs to switch employers

How to use:

  • Ensure your organization’s work environment and pay structure for CRAs are industry-standard or better
  • Develop best practices for hiring and retaining high-quality CRA

Learn more by downloading the free preview file, or by purchasing the full report below.