Download | November 7, 2018

This market research report is available for purchase below. For this study, Industry Standard Research (ISR) collected both qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative telephone interviews were used to gain insight into mHealth expert viewpoints, while a quantitative, internet-based survey was used to collect hard data on familiarity with mHealth, anticipated implementation, and usage rates in recent or soon-to-be conducted clinical trials. You can purchase a single-user license for individual use, a site-wide license giving access to the report for all employees within a single site/office location, or an enterprise-wide license giving access to all employees within your organization. You can also download a free preview file below.

What you will learn:

  • mHealth usage rates and adoption plans
  • Whether mHealth technologies contribute to cost savings in clinical trials
  • Road blocks to mHealth use in clinical development
  • In which therapeutic areas and phases of development mHealth technologies are used most often
  • Anticipated changes in mHealth use over the next 2 years

How to use:

  • Gather information on industry practices and usage patterns to make informed decisions about implementing mHealth technologies in clinical research
  • Discover cost-saving opportunities facilitated by the use of mHealth technologies
  • Learn about current operational realities and barriers to the implementation of mHealth

Learn more by downloading the free preview file, or by purchasing the full report below.