Newsletter | October 11, 2019

10.11.19 -- Meeting The Challenges Of Clinical Supply

Navigating Clinical Supply Challenges In Emerging Regions

The logistical and regulatory challenges associated with clinical trial supply distribution can rise exponentially when certain regions of the world are included. Don't let the complexity of the logistics involved in the handling of sensitive and highly regulated materials such as clinical supplies put patients at risk and jeopardize both the study budget and timeline.

Managing Risks To Time Critical Product Imports At Clinical Supply Depots

Global regulatory standards for clinical trials are, simply put, complex. In this case study, learn how one company worked with its partner to overcome the challenge of a protocol based in the U.S., an investigational medical product (IMP) approved in the EU, and varying QP (qualified person) rules from country to country, to conduct their clinical trial in Israel.

Strategies For Efficient Clinical Supply Management And Forecasting
Clinical trials have many moving parts and clinical supplies need to be prepared well in advance of the actual study start. This along with complex study protocols, variable and unpredictable patient recruitment, and limited storage space add to the challenge. Learn how efficient clinical supply management and forecasting can identify supply solutions that minimize or even potentially avoid supply chain disruptions.
Demand Led Services And Clinical Supply Efficiency

Demand led supply is designed to meet the needs of patients, clinical sites, clinical team and sponsors. The demand led model relies on smaller, bright stocks strategically placed at locations around the globe at regional GMP facilities. See how this service can benefit you with shorter lead time, less waste, less stock out risk and no booklet labels.