Newsletter | August 28, 2019

08.28.19 -- Merck's Patient-Centric Approach To Trial Recruitment, Representation, And Retention

Clinical Supply Planning Strategies

The ideal time to start thinking about your clinical supply needs is before your study protocol is finalized. Read about how Catalent navigates clinical trial complexities using strategies and planning considerations to help avoid delays and manage risks, as well as how to create supply chains that are flexible and responsive.

Focus On Patients
Merck’s Patient-Centric Approach To Trial Recruitment, Representation, And Retention
By Jan Nissen and Madeline Geday, Merck

Patient behaviors have changed drastically in recent years. With the widespread adoption of digital technologies, such as wearable devices that transmit patient data, and a surge in health-related information available online, patients have become more knowledgeable and engaged in the management of their own health than ever before.

Using Social Listening In The Design Of A Diabetes Clinical Trial
By Robert Geho, CEO and cofounder, Diasome Pharmaceuticals

Social media has become increasingly important in the biopharma space as it not only allows emerging clinical-stage companies to efficiently increase their visibility online by posting interesting content, but it also provides a unique platform to engage with members of specific disease communities. Read how Diasome is learning about those issues that are most important to patients and healthcare providers by compiling this data and analyzing online conversations.

Industry Insights
SCOPE 2019 Highlights: Beyond The Pilot, Moving Toward Implementation
Article | By Donna Mongiello, RN, BSN, YPrime

Recently, nearly 2,000 participants attended the 10th Annual Scope Meeting. Read the expert perspectives, insights gained from lessons learned, and forward-looking predictions across 10 parallel tracks focused on functional areas and emerging disciplines within clinical development.

Complementing ePRO And eCOA Platforms With Patient Micropayments
Article | By Katy Jones, Greenphire

Sadly, the average dropout rate across clinical trials is 30 percent. Greenphire has increasingly seen clients focused on increasing completion rates of patient reported outcomes and bolstering compliance using ClinCard. ClinCard has built-in text reminders for upcoming on-site patient visits and the ability to trigger “micropayments” when select tasks are completed.

The Evolution Of Public Health Research: The Next Frontier
Article | By Abdul Ally, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Public health and medical research occasionally take unexpected turns that allow us to glimpse new wonders into the world we inhabit. After the scientific community had accepted Pasteur’s germ theory of disease, discoveries in microbiology increased exponentially, including Robert Koch’s use of agar in 1876 as a culture medium to isolate specific microorganisms.

Confronting The Challenges Of Rare Disease
White Paper | United BioSource LLC (UBC)

This paper is intended as a discussion of the commonly encountered hurdles in studying rare diseases and how a cohesive and holistic approach can mitigate issues and help bring new treatments to patients.

The Evolution Of Risk Management In Clinical Trials
White Paper | Oracle Health Sciences

The cloud has made anywhere/anytime centralized monitoring (adaptive on-site and off-site) of all risk-related trial factors a seamless reality. Looking ahead, the cloud can integrate centralized monitoring, risk management measures, and predictive analytics. It can also create risk repositories to keep trial costs in check and optimize better quality results for life-saving therapies.

Oncology Clinical Trials RFP Planning Guide
E-Book | IQVIA Biotech

Our RFP planning guide is a must-have for oncology sponsors. Identify key cost drivers, save time, and make planning easier. IQVIA Biotech developed this guide to help emerging oncology sponsors navigate clinical outsourcing with timeline and financial considerations in mind.

Why You Should Consider Using A Learning Management System
Infographic | ICON Plc

Centralizing and tracking training requirements for all your trials through a learning management system, that is designed to make it easier for site and study staff, will help your team and bring real benefits to your clinical studies.

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