Newsletter | May 14, 2019

05.14.19 -- Minimizing Risk In Pharmaceutical Logistics

Defense In Depth: Off-Site Storage Of Biological Specimens And Biopharmaceuticals For Risk Mitigation

Choosing an off-site storage facility means asking the right questions to determine if the storage provider has the appropriate risk mitigation infrastructure in place, beginning with a realistic threat assessment.

Cold Chain Qualification: 5 Questions You Must Ask When Shipping Biologics

Most in the biopharmaceutical industry would agree that patient safety and regulatory compliance are the key drivers within cold chain logistical systems. Organizations recognize the growing need for control of the entire cold chain, as the changing global scenario requires highly efficient processes and flexibility.

Direct To Representative Sample Distribution Services

Pharmaceutical manufacturers use a range of marketing channels to promote their prescription drug product. In the United States, one of those channels is to have pharmaceutical sales representatives "hand carry" samples to the health care practitioners within their territories.

How One Split-Second Decision Made A Difference For Thousands Of Patients

In the world of drug manufacturing not all lifesaving decisions happen in the lab. Sometimes it’s a lot closer to delivery that key moments require fast thinking. Such as one Saturday morning in Memphis, TN, when Marcus noticed the freezer temperatures were out of range. With over 2,000 cold chain shipments leaving his facility per day, he couldn’t afford to lose a week’s supply due to warm temperatures.

Specialty Courier Fact Sheet

This fact sheet offers insight into logistics solutions for high value/high risk shipments. Download it to learn more about consultative solution design focused on defining client and situation-specific solutions, driving cost savings, and reducing time-in-transit.