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10.19.11 -- Mining Clinical Data: New Answers In Old Results

Clinical Leader
Mining Clinical Data: New Answers In Old Results
By Rob Wright, Clinical Leader

Rob Wright Steve Jobs had referred to computers as being a wonderful tool and a "bicycle for the mind." The possibilities for computers and their applications seem limitless and will play a key role in drug development and discovery. Here's an example: A recent news release demonstrates how computers can benefit researchers and improve patient safety.
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Flexible Phase I Expediting Early Drug Development
Phase I marks a significant milestone in the development of any new medicinal product. A target has been identified, a compound has been discovered that hit the target, and it has been refined to ensure it has good properties for development. Read more.

The Economic Impact Of Using Target eClinical Trial Record
Pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and clinical sites spend millions to manage the vast amount of paperwork that regulatory agencies require during the drug and device development process. Currently, each clinical research site must maintain source documents for the required document retention period. Read more.

Mixing ePRO Modalities
Over the past year or so, there has been much discussion on the various PRO modalities available for use in clinical trials — eDiary, IVR, digital pen, mPRO, webdiary, SMS-based systems and of course, paper. But the question asked repeatedly, especially since the launch of our Web diary, is not about method selection but, "Can we mix them?" Read more.

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Video Tour: UPS Dedicated Healthcare Facility

Video Tour: UPS Dedicated Healthcare Facility

UPS has more than four million square feet of dedicated healthcare distribution space globally. We've invested heavily in technology, equipment, facilities, and people, as well as training in key healthcare issues from customs to regulatory compliance. Tour a UPS healthcare facility designed to protect your valuable shipments and keep you compliant.

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The toxicologists and study monitors at PPD are certified by the American Board of Toxicology and have experience in a variety of compounds and therapeutic areas. Nonclinical resources are dedicated to getting the project to first-in-man studies. Read more.

Infectious Disease And Vaccines Clinical Trials
Diagnostic procedures, clinical trial methodology, and assessment methods in anti-infective drug development and vaccine development differ in many respects from those in other therapeutic areas. ICON provides the experience and expertise across multiple classes of infection to address the critical issues of infectious disease research. Read more.

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