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06.06.12 -- Mobile Technology In Clinical Trials; Pharmacovigilance Best Practices; Speed Up Your Clinical Trial

Clinical Leader
Mobile Devices Pave The Path For Clinical Trials
By Rick Morrison, CEO, Comprehend Systems
By Rick Morrison, CEO, Comprehend Systems Clinical trial sponsors looking to stay at the forefront of efficiency and accuracy should consider whether they are making the best use of the growing trend of access to clinical data on mobile devices. From the secure sharing of electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) data, to creating more flexible clinical data management, mobile technology has the potential to improve processes across the clinical research process.
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Optimizing Clinical Trial Enrollment
Potential clinical trial participants and sponsors typically wait 2 to 3 days for lab results to determine eligibility. For the would-be participant, every day that elapses could contribute to the loss of interest and increases the risk of losing a potential study subject for many reasons. Read more.

Best Practices In Operations Management Can Speed Clinical Trials
At a time of consolidation and instability within the pharmaceutical industry, there is increasing pressure to deliver medicines to patients faster, but without compromising patient safety or quality of study data. Read more.

Sponsor And CRO Pharmacovigilance Alliances: Best Practices To Ensure Success
The benefits of outsourcing in general also hold true for pharmacovigilance services. Fixed resource costs are converted into flexible workload-oriented costs. In the outsourcing model, pharmaceutical and biotech companies reduce costs because significantly less effort is needed for recruitment, management and training of staff. Read more.


ExL Pharma’s eClinical Trial Management Summit will assist you in developing a clear understanding of a fully-integrated eClinical system through industry case studies and best practices. Additionally, this two-day program will enable you to gain valuable strategies for increasing your data monitoring abilities by developing a data management system that integrates the needs of the sponsor, CRO, and vendors.

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A Primer On What To Expect At DIA 2012 Insights From Martin Harvey Of The European Medicines Agency

A Primer On What To Expect At DIA 2012 Insights From Martin Harvey Of The European Medicines Agency

Martin Harvey, head of communications at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and EU advisor to the DIA 2012 annual meeting program committee, explains not only what he hopes to learn from attending sessions and walking the DIA exhibit floor, but provides insight into how global changes over the past 12 months have shaped this year's annual meeting's program.

Featured Products
LogPad: Trusted By Sponsors For Over Ten Years
As the voice of the patient becomes increasingly relevant in drug approvals, trial sponsors need new and better ways to collect and manage PRO data. The PHT LogPad System is the most trusted ePRO solution, used in clinical trials around the world. Read more.
Clinical Technology Services From ICON
ICON develops, implements, and manages interactive voice and Web response systems (IVRS and IWRS), along with cutting-edge Web technology, to increase the accuracy and efficiency of conducting global clinical studies. Read more.
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