Newsletter | August 15, 2019

08.15.19 -- Navigating Clinical Supply Challenges In Emerging Regions

Navigating Clinical Supply Challenges In Emerging Regions

The logistical and regulatory challenges associated with clinical trial supply distribution can rise exponentially when certain regions of the world are included. Don't let the complexity of the logistics involved in the handling of sensitive and highly regulated materials such as clinical supplies put patients at risk and jeopardize both the study budget and timeline.

Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging Strategies

Packaging and presentation is crucial to study success. This article provides an in-depth look at the benefits of developing packaging strategies as early as possible in the drug development process, how primary packaging should be approached to ensure patient compliance, and different forms of packaging that best protect and improve the stability of a product.

Versatility Of Softgel Technology: The Encapsulation Of A Volatile Compound

A commercial stage medical technology company created a way to non-invasively monitor adherence to oral medications. Read how a softgel technology demonstrated its versatility by overcoming the challenges of encapsulating the highly volatile, low flash point compound, 2-butanol.

Global Advantage: Free Trade Zones In China

Free trade zones offer many advantages for customers interested in clinical trial supply. The zone provides fast, safe, and secure transit to a controlled storage situation which can delay or eliminate custom duties. Learn more about how free trade zones can offer cost-efficient ways to manage your clinical trial.