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5.16.12 -- Navigating The New Med/Legal Landscape

Clinical Leader
Navigating The New Med/Legal Landscape
By Lance Hill
Imagine you are a physician, and you are concerned about the forthcoming public visibility that will be driven by the Sunshine Act. In the past, you worked with manufacturers on early-stage compounds to assist in the drug development process. Primarily, this was done via participating in a live, weekend advisory board, where you received a total of $1,000 in honorarium for your time.
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Improve Your Site Rating Through A Less-Is-More Approach
There exists the temptation to take on as many studies as possible in an effort to gain recognition of its work among sponsors. However, there are pitfalls associated with this approach if sites cannot successfully manage an inflated trial portfolio demanding extensive resources. The oft-cited adage of "less is more" can be applied to several different concepts, but it is certainly an apt phrase in the context of study selection by sites. Read more.

Paper Diaries Should Be Banned
Every now and then, a shift in technology revolutionizes an entire industry. Consider the advent of email and automatic banking machines. Once the mainstream adopts these processes, it is difficult to imagine how we managed without them. Read more.

This Time, It’s Personal
Humanity’s fight against cancer has always been personal. Few of us haven’t lost a loved one to the disease. Yet cancer treatment is decidedly impersonal. Personalized cancer medicine offers the chance to confront cancer by the same route that it attacks us — at the genomic level based on identifying and targeting the molecular alterations associated with cancerous cells. Read more.


ICSE USA is an international exhibition and conference that connects the pharmaceutical community with outsourcing solution providers, offering a forum for business development, networking, and education. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for companies providing or looking for outsourcing services and solutions, including, but not limited to, contract manufacturing, clinical trials, contract research, and analytical services. Register to attend.

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ICON At Partnerships In Clinical Trials 2012: Part 1

ICON At Partnerships In Clinical Trials 2012: Part 1

Steven Cutler, group president for ICON, discusses the company's latest news at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials show in Orlando, FL. Read more.

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Bioanalytical Services
Norwich Clinical Services provides quantitative measurements of active drug and/or metabolites in biological matrices. Read more.
TrialMax Web™ Web-Based ePRO Solution
With increasing pressure on companies to prove their products' commercial value and long-term safety, late phase studies have never been more important. Read more.
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