New Tufts CSDD Study on Site Selection and Initiation

Source: goBalto
clinical study site selection

Poorly performing sites have long been a challenge for the industry. Research indicates that half of investigative sites under-enroll with 11% of sites in a multi-center study failing to recruit a single patient. Sponsors typically have to double their original timelines due to poor enrollment, with poor site selection increasing cost of trials by 20% or more.  The new Tufts CSDD study offers insights into new approaches to driving study initiation efficiency and delivering higher levels of study conduct performance.

Site selection is typically performed using manual, error prone processes, using historical, siloed data, resulting in the selection of too many non-active and non-enrolling sites (NANE). goBalto Select, a purpose-built study startup (SSU) site selection and feasibility tool can improve site selection capability by combining internal and external data sources creating a targeted site profile which will better inform your decision making process. Select mitigates risk factors for recruitment by finding the optimum alignment of top-performing sites with substantial patient databases, and quickly assessing which sites have performed best in similar studies. As part of this effort, Select provides information on site capabilities start-up cycle time, patient availability and data quality. In addition it facilitates communication and enhances collaborations to develop long lasting site partnership, fostering a foundation of trust and commitment.