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Supply Chain Success Relies On Collaborative Decisions
By Ed Miseta, chief editor, Clinical Leader

If you work in clinical operations, you’re probably aware of how closely that function must work with manufacturing. There are numerous decisions that have to be made around clinical packaging, interactive response technology (IRT) software, labeling of the clinical supplies, and the actual logistics of getting the supplies to the right place at the right time.

An Insider’s Guide To Interactive Response Technology (IRT) For Clinical Trials
By Tom Schiavon

During a study startup phase, interactive response technology (IRT) system development can be difficult for clinical teams to navigate successfully, especially when team members have limited experience building or using the technology. An experienced project manager shares some lessons he has learned to empower clinical team members to make better decisions when it comes to this crucial technology and, in the end, develop better and safer systems.

Industry Insights
The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study: 5 Years Of Progress In Veterinary Health And Biobanking
White Paper | By Sharon Albright, DVM, Fisher Bioservices

This white paper is an overview of a prospective cohort study of approximately 3,000 golden retrievers under the age of two years at enrollment and how the extensive data and biological sample repositories will be used for future analyses of major diseases, disorders, or conditions in golden retrievers.

Choosing The Right Survey Tool For Clinical Trials
Article | By Anuj Thapar, TransPerfect

Web-based survey tools can be extremely beneficial to pharmaceutical companies and CROs for reducing site selection cycle times as well as operational costs (not to mention the opportunity costs). But what sets site feasibility, and other clinical forms, apart from other nonclinical survey types?

Client Centricity In The Changing eClinical World: A Different Approach To Service And Communication
Article | By Kevin Landells, Cenduit LLC

The industry is seeing continued regulatory guidelines aimed at moving sponsors and technology companies to modernize clinical studies. In addition to that a common challenge is a breakdown in communication throughout the study life cycle. Kevin Landells, vice president of project management at Cenduit, shares his insights on how an eClinical technology provider consistently achieves client satisfaction.

Unpicking The Complexity Of Importer Of Record Processes In Globalized Clinical Supply Chains
White Paper | Almac Group

A competent importer of record is a prerequisite to any successful global clinical trial. The role is vast and the remit wide, covering everything from ensuring imported goods comply with local laws and regulations, payment of import duties, tariffs, and fees to risk mitigation and maximizing opportunities to ensure that the right drug gets to the right patient at the right time.

More Collaboration With Investigative Sites: Less Technology Overload Delivers Transparency And Efficiencies
White Paper | goBalto

Learn about how sites struggling under the weight of too much technology, yet looking for a more robust collaboration and transparency process, can benefit from automated workflows in the initiation of clinical trials.

eCOA Translations And Cultural Adaptation: Best Practices And Efficiencies
Webinar | YPrime

While translation and cultural adaptation are time-intensive and require domain expertise, there are emerging best practices that not only save time, but also eliminate unnecessary work and reduce risk of error and timeline delays. This webinar will discuss the process of translation and cultural adaptation to support eCOA implementation on a global scale.


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