How Disclosure As A Service Can Reduce The Burden And Raise The Bar For Transparency
With the help of clinical trial disclosure software and services, sponsors can expand their options. Sponsors struggling to maintain compliance can do so more efficiently. Those whose goal is to overachieve can turn such aspirations into reality.
Why Disclosure Assessments Are The First Step To Improvement
Whether your organization lacks formal disclosure policies and procedures, or has longstanding SOPs in place, the best way to gauge the effectiveness of your clinical trial disclosure process is via a third-party assessment.
Plain-Language Summaries Best Practices

Today’s healthcare industry is hyper-focused on patient engagement. With plain-language summaries (PLS), clinical trial sponsors can make patient engagement more than a mantra. In this video, learn PLS best practices from two expert authorities.

Real Patient Stories: The Trials Of Finding Clinical Trials Online
For sponsors, it can be frustrating trying to recruit participants for clinical trials. For patients, finding a clinical trial is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In these candid interviews, patients and caregivers share their personal experiences of searching for trials online.
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