6 Steps For Reducing The Risks Of Temperature Excursion

In clinical trials, the cold chain is far from a secondary concern. When it comes to temperature-sensitive products (tissue samples, cell banks, APIs), any temperature excursion can prove detrimental to the shipment and, ultimately, to the trial. This article explains how companies can determine their risks and plan a shipment strategy accordingly.

Customizing The Cold Chain

With things “heating up” in terms of more diverse temperature demands, the industry is moving away from the term cold chain, and we’ll start to see more references to the more inclusive temperature-controlled transport.

5 Steps To Optimizing Cost And Performance In Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Shipments

Important things come in packages of all sizes, especially in the world of temperature-controlled, pharmaceutical transport, where it is not uncommon for even the smallest shipment to have a far-reaching impact on researchers, manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients.

The X In GxP Compliance For Global Specialty Logistics

A panel of experts discuss what it takes to be fully GxP compliant and what that means to manufacturers.