Navigating Clinical Supply Challenges In Emerging Regions

The logistical and regulatory challenges associated with clinical trial supply distribution can rise exponentially when certain regions of the world are included. Underestimating the complexity of the logistics involved in the handling of sensitive and highly regulated materials, such as clinical supplies, has the very real potential to put patients at risk and jeopardize both the study budget and timeline.

How Leveraging An Asia-Pacific Network Can Create Regional Efficiencies In Clinical Supply Management

In this webinar, our featured speaker will explore how to leverage the major clinical supply centers of China, Singapore, and Japan to support clinical trials within the Asia-Pacific region for both local and global study sponsors. We will explore clinical packaging, logistics, and import/export considerations that should be taken into account when developing a clinical supply strategy, and why there is no substitute for on-the-ground local expertise.

Business And Cultural Considerations When Managing Clinical Supplies For Asia-Pacific Studies

Successfully navigating the rich and diverse Asia-Pacific business and cultural environment can prove tricky for Western study sponsors with limited experience in this region. Learn what cultural and business norms study sponsors need to be sensitive about in various countries and regions.

Video: Global Advantage: Free Trade Zone

Free trade zones offer many advantages for our customers interested in clinical trial supply. The zones provide fast, safe, and secure transit to controlled storage situations, which can delay or eliminate custom duties. Catalent's Shanghai facility is located in the Waigaoqiao province, the longest-running free trade zone in China.