Article | January 23, 2019

Nobody Wants CRA Turnover – But Some Are Using eSource To Address It

Source: Medrio

By Nick O’Brien

Clinical Patient

For CROs, clinical research can at times feel like walking a tightrope. If you can keep your balance, success is waiting for you on the other side of the chasm, in the form of satisfied sponsors whose timeline demands you’ve met and who are now inclined to favor you over competitors for future studies. But below you lies peril: patient dropout, unforeseen protocol amendments, long and intensive EDC setup processes, and other threats. All of these threaten significant study delays that can be hard to recover from. And prominent among them is employee turnover at your organization - particularly among clinical research associates (CRAs).

Every day, the eSource revolution is reducing organizations’ reliance on monitoring visits and source data verification - and thus serving as a crucial safety net in the event of unforeseen changes to monitoring staff. Particularly the ability to minimize the disruption caused when a CRA leaves an organization mid-study.