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06.24.19 -- Novartis Turns To Digital Technologies For Clinical Trials

Featured Editorial
Novartis Turns To Digital Technologies For Clinical Trials
By Ed Miseta, chief editor, Clinical Leader

Jake LaPorte, head of digital development for Novartis, talks about how AI, IoT, and machine learning are all being leveraged for better clinical trials.

Industry Insights
Preparing For eConsent: A Step-By-Step Guide For Site Personnel
Article | By Sam Sather, Signant Health, formerly CRF Bracket

Electronic informed consent, or eConsent, is one technological advancement introduced to clinical trials that is escalating in its adoption. In this blog, get five tips for implementing and preparing for eConsent.

Zika Vaccine Research
Article | By Wayne R. Hogrefe and Paul Rhyne, Q2 Solutions

Discover the role of the central laboratory in Zika vaccine development and how you can proactively avoid challenges along the development continuum.

2 Steps For Correcting Noncompliance With EU Disclosure Regulations
Article | By Thomas Wicks, TrialScope

To address noncompliance and improve the ratio of completed trials with results, we recommend the following two-step process to take control of your compliance.

Services Marketing: You Can’t Build A Strong Marketing Strategy On A Weak Foundation
Article | By Kevin Olson, ISR Reports

Too often, marketers lack vital information to create an effective marketing strategy and your organization and department suffer due to constant disruption of marketing plans. 

Risk Mitigation For Material Transport: The Impact Of Reusing Shippers
Article | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ensuring your material is stored under appropriate conditions is only half the battle in preserving its integrity. Equally as critical is the precarious process of transporting your material to its destination, safely and in the same condition it was sent in. Maintaining the chain of custody is of utmost importance, and a large component of this is based on the vessel selected for transportation. In this article, we’ll share some key items to consider when selecting shippers to transport your high-value material.

On A Technology-Enabled Collision Course: Clinical Research And Clinical Practice Converge Through Real-World Evidence
White Paper | ICON Plc

Late-phase research in the life sciences segment is undergoing a rapid transformation due to the digitalization of healthcare and the greater availability of, and access to, real world data (RWD). This transformation is arriving not a moment too soon, given the changes anticipated from the Twenty-First Century Cures Act, EMA’s Adaptive Pathways approach, and the increased demand for real-world evidence (RWE) generated from RWD. In addition to supporting regulatory decisions, RWE is playing an ever-expanding role in developing the product value propositions that are driving reimbursement decisions globally.

Patient-Focused And Connected Clinical Trials: A New Rare Disease Paradigm
Video | Medrio

Patient centricity isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the key to achieving a sustainable clinical trial paradigm that reduces the burden of participation and accelerates drug development — especially in rare disease research. Watch this video to learn how to make clinical trials more successful and patient-focused.

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