Case Study

Observational Studies, Late-Stage Research, And Medrio

Source: Medrio

Observational studies are becoming increasingly important as pharmaceutical and device companies compile evidence of the real world value of their products. The strategic foundation of these studies causes them to differ in nearly every operational aspect from interventional studies (e.g., randomized clinical trials). Because of these differences, most electronic data capture (EDC) software solutions are unable to meet a study’s specific needs, leaving many companies with sub-optimal solutions for data capture and management.

Continuum Clinical, a leader in late-stage observational research equips pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies with industry-leading study design and implementation excellence. In order to remain best-in-class, while providing cost-efficient solutions, Continuum relies on outside vendors to provide clinical trial services like electronic data capture (EDC) software. However, like many other organizations, Continuum struggled to find an EDC solution they could count on for the unique requirements of observational research.