Newsletter | September 14, 2020

09.14.20 -- Online Recruitment And A Virtual Study Net 4,000 Participants For MAGENTA Trial

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Steps To Paperless Clinical Research Sites

This paper presents insight and expertise on how investigative sites can begin the transformation to digital documents, including concrete, practical suggestions for eliminating the inefficiencies inherent in printing, storing, and managing paper documents.

Why And How Global Healthcare Product Regulators Are Joining Forces

The ICMRA is now considered a strategic cross-border leader among a select group of global medicine and device regulatory policy bodies. Read how the coalition is working across the world to help sponsors develop medical products in a more globally harmonized way moving forward.

Complementing ePRO + eCOA Platforms With Patient Micropayments

Sadly, the average dropout rate across clinical trials is 30 percent. Greenphire has increasingly seen clients focused on increasing completion rates of patient reported outcomes and bolstering compliance using ClinCard. ClinCard has built-in text reminders for upcoming onsite patient visits and the ability to trigger micropayments when select tasks are completed.

Lessons Learned From 600+ Expert Committee Members

Sponsors and CROs make increasing use of expert committees. Learn from members themselves on what it takes to create a successful expert committee.

Comparator Sourcing In Emerging Markets: Look Before You Leap

The broad appeal of emerging markets for comparator sourcing is offset by the innumerable challenges that can arise in such regions. But companies can minimize risks and avoid common pitfalls.

Heart Rate Measurement With Philips Health Band In Adults With Lifestyle-Related Chronic Disease

The Philips Health Band (PHB) is a wrist-worn wearable device that leverages accelerometry and photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors to deliver sleep, cardiology, respiratory, and energy expenditure (EE) endpoints. In this study heart rate was evaluated for accuracy and performance in adults with (or at risk) for lifestyle-related chronic disease using the Philips Health Band in real time as well as for logged values.

Maximizing Efficiencies With Effective Biologics Supply Chain Management

Operating biologics-based clinical trials presents several unique challenges, and the cost involved in developing these pioneering drugs leaves little margin for error. Download this case study to learn how Almac Clinical Services supply chain experts helped a sponsor deliver operational efficiencies and cost-effective medication management.

Central IRB Outsourcing Practices By Company Size

In Q3, 2019, ISR asked outsourcers of Central IRB services about how uniform the use of Central IRBs is within their organization. In terms of company size, respondents from small companies report that their company uses the same Central IRB on All or most of the studies at a higher rate than those from large companies (45 percent vs 38 percent). Mid-size companies were similar to large companies, with 37 percent of respondents reporting their company used the same Central IRB for all studies.

Three Keys To Successful Global Sample Processing

Sample preparation and processing are crucial steps in immuno-oncology, cell-based and gene therapies, and diagnostics. In this webinar, we discuss proper sample collection and transport, leveraging a global network of labs vetted for high-quality processing, and successful delivery to essential global storage for all sample types.


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