Newsletter | November 3, 2022

11.03.22 -- Optimizing The Supply Of Decentralized Clinical Trials

Comprehensive Clinical Supply Strategies For Compressed Timeline Trials

To help accelerate a product to market, a sponsor can conduct a compressed timeline clinical trial. In order to ensure that the integrity of the study is not compromised, there are a number of supply chain considerations to keep in mind, including inventory management and distribution strategy. An integrated solution can help sponsors proactively plan for these studies in advance and avoid potential setbacks.

Overcoming Inventory Challenges For A Complex, Global Study

A CRO customer and a clinical sponsor both lacked an unblinded supply management role to oversee interactive response technologies (IRT) platform supply strategies and monitor clinical supply inventory levels. Find out how the IRT settings were optimized and how the burden of managing the study’s complex global supply needs was removed.

Direct-To-Patient Supply: Industry Perception And Future Trends

Direct-to-patient (DTP) distribution of clinical supplies can reduce or eliminate the need for patients to travel to clinical trial sites. Two-hundred thirty-four individuals involved in clinical supply and operations were surveyed to better understand sponsors’ perspectives on DTP distribution of clinical supplies and interest in using it in their studies.

Clinical Trial Modernization: Optimizing The Supply Of Decentralized Studies

The need for flexibility in clinical supply has led to an increase in sponsors’ requests for more specialized services, including demand-led supply and direct-to-patient distribution. What are some key supply considerations that sponsors need to keep in mind when planning a decentralized trial? What should they know when choosing a supply partner for these types of studies?