Newsletter | June 21, 2022

06.21.22 -- Optimizing The Supply Of Decentralized Studies

Comparator Drug Sourcing Solutions: Network Effects

A well-known, midsize, multinational pharmaceutical company needed a large supply of comparator drug to begin comparative clinical trials for a rare disease. The comparator drug presented two enormous hurdles: it was limited in supply and was exceptionally expensive.

Integrating Early-Phase Development Clinical Supply Manufacturing And Distribution

A biotech company is developing a new class of anti-infective medicine based on minor groove binder compounds. A tablet formulation was a solution, allowing the integration of formulation development, clinical trial material (CTM) manufacturing, and supply and distribution to patients.

Clinical Trial Modernization: Optimizing The Supply Of Decentralized Studies

Clinical sites and sponsors have had to quickly implement solutions, and biopharma companies are heeding the call to innovate, be agile, reduce waste, and, most of all, achieve patient centricity.

Building A Flexible, Challenge Resistant, Patient-Centric Clinical Supply Chain

Demand-led supply and direct-to-patient distribution are helping address challenges presented by today’s increasingly complex studies. Safeguarding the integrity of the study drugs through proper handling and keen quality oversight and ensuring continuity of supply are critical components.