Newsletter | November 18, 2021

11.18.21 -- Optimizing Your Oncology Clinical Trial

Embracing Innovative Designs In Early-Phase Oncology Trials

Advancements in science and technology are driving accelerated timelines and creative pathways for oncology drug development. Oncology sponsors and regulators are seeking to embrace a streamlined path that bypasses the traditional development paradigm of standalone sequential Phase I/II/III trials.

Virtual Approaches In Oncology Clinical Trials During COVID-19 And Onward

Patients living with cancer are among the most vulnerable during the pandemic but sponsors and researchers understand oncology drug development must continue. This paper discusses how COVID-19 is driving change in the oncology trial landscape and how these insights may shape the future of post-pandemic clinical development.

Optimizing Immuno-Oncology Clinical Trials For Biotech Companies

For biotech companies developing an immuno-oncology (IO) therapy, the complexity of oncology clinical trials takes on new dimensions. Review the current IO landscape and considerations for biotech companies preparing for IO studies.

Leveraging Immunotherapy Expertise To Exceed Customer Goals

A biologics company needed a CRO with oncology experience that could support protocol design and accelerate the start-up process to meet a quick first-patient-in (FPI) milestone. In this case study, discover how this partner evaluated the safety and pharmacokinetic (PK) profile of an immunotherapeutic drug in subjects with advanced solid tumors.

Oncology Clinical Trials RFP Planning Guide

Read how this RFP planning guide helps oncology sponsors identify key cost drivers, save time, and make planning easier while navigating clinical outsourcing, with timeline and financial considerations in mind.

Supporting Your Complex Immuno-Oncology Trials

You want to get the right treatments to the right patients. We want to help you develop and execute the most efficient path through the clinic. IQVIA Biotech offers extensive immuno-oncology (IO) expertise that spans multiple treatment modalities (vaccines, bispecific antibodies, cell and gene therapies (CAGT), etc.) and numerous indications across hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.

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