Outcomes Research

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ICON Late Phase and Outcomes Research deliver strategic expertise, high-impact evidence that explores and demonstrates value of healthcare products and meets the demands of the global and national markets for patient reported outcome services.

Health Economics

We deliver strategic expertise, high-impact evidence that explores and demonstrates value of healthcare products in the major European, Asian and North American markets.

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Economic modeling
  • Economic burden of illness and financial impact analyses
  • Systematic review, meta analysis and indirect comparisons
  • Global and core value dossiers
  • Pricing research and advice
  • Market access and reimbursement
  • Market and investment appraisal
  • Regulatory and policy impact evaluation
  • Utility and patient preference studies
  • Infectious disease modeling
  • Training solutions

Our ability to provide clients with effectively integrated services is one of our strengths. We can also integrate these services with market access, reimbursement and marketing strategies along with ICON’s other patient reported outcomes, epidemiology, market research and medical writing services.  

We are able to explore and demonstrate value in healthcare products at key product development stages:

  •     Early stage exploration of product value and investment appraisal
  •     Market access and pricing
  •     Reimbursement and health technology appraisal
  •     Marketing of healthcare products

Patient Reported Outcomes Services (PRO, ePRO)

ICON Late Phase and Outcomes Research patient reported outcome services are geared to meet the demands of global and national markets and include: 

  •     PRO instrument development
  •     Qualitative research for endpoint/conceptual models
  •     Psychometric validation incl. IRT and Rasch analysis for regulatory submission
  •     Observational studies for HRQL assessment
  •     PRO evidence dossiers and briefing books
  •     Utility measurement, mapping and cross walk studies
  •     Patient preference studies including discrete choice experiments
  •     Training
  •     Systematic and focused literature reviews
  •     Strategic PRO advice and trial design
  •     Translation and linguistic validation of PRO measures
  •     ePRO validation and equivalence testing

In project-work, the PRO team is able to closely integrate with clients and our colleagues in health economics, epidemiology, biostatistics and translation teams to provide strategic advice and services that support the entire product development life cycle covering:

  •     Early stage exploration of product, health impact and value
  •     Market access and reimbursement strategies
  •     Regulatory submission support
  •     Exploration and substantiation of labeling claims

Strategic Market Access 

ICON's in-depth global knowledge of reimbursement processes and healthcare systems, ability to generate supporting scientific evidence, and strength rength in scientific communication to offer a full range of leading scientific services that devise and support market access strategies. Icon provides a number of services to support  decision-making in market access. These include:

  •     Strategic advice: market access strategies, trial and study design.
  •     Advisory boards, market research, payer, patient and clinician interviews.
  •     Stakeholder mapping and reimbursement landscape assessments.
  •     Market size (incidence, prevalence, cost of illness).
  •     Evidence dossiers, formulary kits, and product snapshots