Newsletter | October 31, 2022

10.31.22 -- Overcoming 4 Challenges In Orphan Disease Clinical Trials


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Clinical Sites
How Did The Pandemic Impact Clinical Trial Sites?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March 2020, many drug developers were caught by surprise. With clinics overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients and the reluctance of some patients to venture out to those clinics, many trials faced the prospect of being delayed or canceled. Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and hybrid trials, which can take studies from the clinics to the patients, seemed to be the solution to keep things on track.

Operational Innovations That Enhance Site-Sponsor Collaboration

Learn how to overcome obstacles to collaboration that, when left unaddressed, lead to site selection and patient enrollment issues for sponsors and operational challenges for sites.

Patient Centricity
LLS Is Working To Change The Pediatric Clinical Trial Model

In pediatric trials, answers do not come quickly. The trials are time-consuming, and many sites are required. That means costly studies and an end market that is small. This leads pharma companies to adopt a business model that focuses on an indication that will help the most people. But that model also means children will always be at the end of the line.

Applying Consumer Engagement Strategies To eClinical Technology

When it comes to patient engagement, the experience and technology gaps apparent in the clinical trial space have resulted in a lag for virtual technologies that offer comparable functionality to those pioneered by other sectors.

Patient Enrollment For Depression Studies Requires New Strategies

Learn why Trialbee Honey results in 75% greater quality of patients when it comes to enrollment.

Patient Recruitment
Overcoming 4 Challenges In Orphan Disease Clinical Trials

Developing innovative treatments for patients with orphan and rare diseases offers substantial challenges. This article shares the author's tips for recruiting from small patient populations, collaborating with the FDA, choosing to work with a CRO or not, and determining a patient-centric approach.

Patient Engagement And Recruitment Trends: How To Keep Up With Them

From decentralized trials to real-world data, take a look at top trends, their impact on patient enrollment, and more, as well as ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Recruit Patients Faster In The Asia-Pacific Region

Novotech relies on years of experience, in-country knowledg and real-life Big Data to identify and propose the best-performing sites and investigators for your study.