Newsletter | December 2, 2022

12.02.22 -- Partners Ready To Help With Your Study Startup Process

The Largest Parkinson’s Disease Study Ever Attempted Is Being Made Possible Only With Mobile Research Nurses

The Trial of Parkinson’s and Zoledronic acid (TOPAZ) is seeking to enroll 3,500 participants over the age of 60, making it the largest double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial ever attempted in people with parkinsonism. Find out the approaches taken and the results in this case study.

Translations: Your Study App Localized

Take your Study App to the far reaches of the world, to any audience with THREAD’s localization services.

YPrime Direct-To-Patient Solutions

Gain insight into how YPrime's interactive response technology (IRT) solution can support common implementations and provide new opportunities to meet emerging needs.

Slope For Sites

Slope provides an eClinical Supply Chain Management platform to help sites stay on top of their clinical supplies and ensure they are ready for patient visits.

Veeva Vault For Clinical Data Management

The Veeva Vault Clinical Data Management Suite (Vault CDMS) is redefining data management to help clinical teams manage today’s trials with agility and speed.

Site Alliances: The Power Of Site Engagement

Here at Worldwide Clinical Trials, we created the Site Alliance Collaboration, not just targeting major academic centers, but all types of sites in order to deliver the most efficient trials for our clients.

Supporting Enrollment Of A Phase 2 Cervical Cancer Study During A Pandemic

The developer of an investigative medicinal product (IMP) for advanced, recurrent, non-resectable cervical cancer engaged Premier Research to assist with screening and enrollment in a Phase 2 study in Europe. Find out the results of this partnership in this case study.

Virtual Simulation Training For Clinical Sites

Discover how Pro-ficiency's simulation training can better your clinical sites.

Does Your Clinical Trial Enrollment Meet Today's Diversity Standards?

As the inter-relationship of race, socioeconomic status and healthcare outcomes has begun making international headlines, achieving clinical trial diversity has surfaced as a priority in successful trial conduct.

Enabling Study Teams To Monitor Recruitment And Enrollment Efforts In Real-Time

This interview gives a profound understanding of how Trialbee is developing real-time monitoring modules to improve clinical research for patients.