Newsletter | March 10, 2023

03.10.23 -- Partners Ready To Support Your Phase I-III Trials

Rare Disease Center Of Excellence

Discover Biorasi's strategy in making the difference in overcoming unique obstacles to rare disease clinical trials.

Clinical Monitoring Oversight

The hard truth is: Clinical Oversight is essential — and required. Ensuring that your trial is delivered with the highest of quality, on time, and on budget is essential with the escalating costs to conduct clinical trials and to avoid unnecessary and often required, change orders.

Taking The Complexity Out Of Rare Disease Trials For Small To Mid-Size Biotech Sponsors

Clinical trials in rare diseases can be difficult to run due to a lack of patients, complicated study designs, and challenging logistics. However, with the required expertise, studies in rare diseases are collaborative, innovative, and rewarding. 

Helping Move Rare Disease Research Forward

Our work spans all aspects of clinical trials and drug development, encompassing more than 190 rare disease studies across multiple indications in the past five years with 7 successful drug approvals and 3 breakthrough designations.

Accelerate Your Clinical Development Program

Novotech delivers unmatched experience as the Asia-Pacific’s leading CRO with 11 dedicated offices, expert teams and deep local regulatory knowledge.

How A Cooperativity Program Quickly Built A Client’s Medical Writing Team

The Cooperativity Program’s goal is to help ISG clients build and strengthen their in-house departments — medical writing or otherwise — to reach their utmost potential.

Mitigating Risk In ALS Clinical Development

Discover why thoughtful upfront planning and a clear understanding of the obstacles patients face, are crucial when understanding the components of an ALS trial.

New Is Risky. Start With A Free Feasibility Report.

Get a free preliminary evaluation of your protocol design from a leading CRO in Eastern Europe.

Clinical Solutions For Early Phase Drug Development

Altasciences provides expertise in all clinical pharmacology studies required for regulatory submission across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Decentralized Trials For Small & Mid-Sized Biotechs

We understand how challenging it is to adopt a novel approach to drug development. Pivoting to virtual clinical trials is no exception.

Biostatistics & Statistical Programming

Biostatistical services, including SAP development, statistical programming in SAS, analysis, submission-ready services and statistical reports are customized and designed specifically to meet your project requirements.

Asia-Pacific Drug Development Solutions

Discover the ways CMIC Group supports your drug development journey with a strong Asian presence.

Harbor Clinical FSP Model: Functional, Flexible, Fractional

Harbor Clinical has redefined the FSP service model, adding enhanced flexibility in timing, scope, and level of resources assigned. 

Best Practices: Establishing An Endpoint Adjudication Committee And Key Endpoint Management Strategy

In complying with regulations, trial sponsors may need expert guidance on best practices for developing an EAC and overall strategy and oversight of key endpoint objectives and processes.